Monday, April 19, 2010

Repairing or Replacing? Part 2

This is a followup to my CCTV Repairing or Replacing? posting.

I had problems with my handphone for the past few days.

It started off with a dying battery. Once it was "fully charged", it will last for one phone call. As I was too busy to get a new battery (blessing in disguise), I was constantly connecting my cell to a charger.

After a few days, came the tipping point, the screen display started to become jumpy and quickly deteriorated into displaying junks.

I sent it to a service center at Plaza Low Yat ( which is 3 floors down from my office), the technician told me that a new original battery, ribbon wire and workmanship will cost me more than RM200.

You know what I did, I practice what I preach, I bought myself a cheapee Nokia. The cost? RM99.

I know it is hard to downgrade our material possessions ( my case from Nokia N80 to Nokia 1202) but hey, it serves my personal cell phone needs. It is slim, light, big font size (not big display), lasting battery and of cause cheap!

Meanwhile check out this latest Starwars' GPS. Wonder if you were to replace your spoiled GPS navigator with this latest 3D GPS.

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