Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Not According to Spec

I understand the frustration when a CCTV user complained to me that their existing CCTV gear is not performing to their expectation. Ten out of ten of those users said their previous CCTV installer did show them the equipment specification but it was a total letdown once the system is up.

Well, my advice is before you make your purchase, it is a must to check out the CCTV gear in action instead of just reading their specification.

To me to get a CCTV gear is like watching the FIFA World Cup.

According to FIFA / Coca-Cola latest World Ranking;

(a) Greece ( 13 ) and South Korea ( 47 );
According to Spec, Greece should has won with comfortable margin, but hell no, South Korea beat Greece 2 – 0 in the Group B opening match.

(b) Brazil ( 1 ) and North Korea ( 105 );
According to Spec, Brazil should crush the Korea DPR with a margin of their ranking differentiation like 105 – 1 (probably Brazil own goal), but Brazil only managed a very humble win over North Korea last night in the Group G opening game, 2 – 1.

In short, you must walk in a shop to ask for a product demo, see with your own eyes before getting yourself a CCTV system.

Meanwhile, the Korean Tigers rocks! Two thumbs up!

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