Monday, July 19, 2010

Step-by-step Guide

Few weeks ago a customer called us to give him a step by step written instruction to configure his router for his purchased CCTV system.

Our technician emailed him the steps but he complained that the guide is not detail enough. Again our technician emailed him a more detail point form guide. After a few days, he called and said the guide is useless and he demanded for a screen captured step by step guide.

To me it is impossible to guide a person to set up a router if he has no basic IT knowledge what so ever ...unless of cause if you were patient enough to guide him with the following manner.

A "very-very" detail guide to a McDonald's store

Imagine every other meter you have to erect a signage and once he had arrived at the store you have to show him a snapshot of the store and ask him to do the following;

1. Turn yourself to face the glass door.
2. Look at the door signage.
3. If the signage says "PUSH", lift one of your hand (either one) to push the glass door.
4. If the signage says "PULL", lift one of your hand (either one) to pull the glass door.
5. After the door is opened, lift one of your foot (either one) and start walking in.
6. Once you are inside (to verify, you should be able to feel the air con), look for the counter (show him the snapshot photo), lift one of your foot (either one) and start walking toward the counter.
7. Check if anyone queuing.
8. If yes, walk to the end of the queue and wait for your turn (show him a snapshot photo of someone bottom).
9. If no, walk directly to the counter.
968. Open your mouth and put the burger in your mouth.
969. Bit off a chewable portion (very subjective, about 150g).
970. Start chewing.
971. Chew about 15 times and swallow.
972. Repeat step 968 to 971 until you can not see the burger no more. (please make sure you do not bit your fingers)
973. End


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