Monday, September 28, 2009

Hole in One

I know, today is Monday after a long extended Raya holiday. Here is little something to zest up your day.

This posting is also for those CCTV System Integrators who had many failures in their CCTV job tendering attempts.

CBS Sept 18, 2009: There's nothing sweeter to a golfer than a hole-in-one. However, the chances of that happening are about one-in-30,000. So it seemed like a pretty safe bet to hold a contest: Get a hole-in-one, win $1 million!

However, luck was on Jason Hargett's side this week at a golf charity tournament in Utah. He initially said he didn't plan to play, but then changed his mind -- a decision that would change his life.

Jason said he doesn't remember much from the moment he sunk the ball. Jason hit a hole-in-one last year, but this, he said, was life altering. In fact, when he learned he won, he sent a text message to his wife, Amyee Hargett, telling her their "lives had just changed.

The Hargetts' money will be gradually disbursed over 40 years, with a $25,000 payout each year.

But the money hasn't changed them yet. Jason said he plans to keep his job as a restaurant manager Utah's Ruby River Steakhouse.

"It's good place to meet a lot of people, a good place to work," he said.

The couple has four children ages from 10 to 17. Jason said the money has taken "a lot of pressure off" of paying for their future expenses.

But does the couple plan any extravagant purchases?

Jason said "no." They plan to have the same car and the same house.

However, the avid golfer added, "(I) might play a few different golf courses a little earlier than I thought."

Keep trying my dear friends, you just never know.

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