Saturday, November 7, 2009

Balun - Smart CCTV Cabling

As CCTV professional, we must constantly looking for ways to provide our surveillance customers better but more economical CCTV solutions especially during this soft economic environment.

Cabling is one of the most costly elements, if not the most expensive element in any CCTV system deployment. Hence it is wise to find ways to reduce the cabling cost.

The answer is UTP Balun devices. It is a smarter, easier and cheaper CCTV cabling alternative.

Balun is device used for matching an unbalanced coaxial transmission line or system to a balanced two-wire line or system.

It helps you to save cost by replacing 4 coaxial cables run with 1 UTP CAT5 network cable, reduces your trunking and conduit cost, reduces your cabling man hours and allows the CCTV video transmission to travel greater distance (up to 2km).

Balun is also like a comb to your messy hair, it tidy up and make your cctv cabling work neat and by the numbers. It will eventually translate into lower long term system maintenance cost.

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