Tuesday, November 3, 2009

CCTV advertisement

Last year a CCTV installer had started importing CCTV gear after visiting a Security Trade Show.

He told me that he managed to identify an OEM manufacturer who can produce a full range of very cheap CCTV product.

He said trading is all about brand building and advertisement, once customer recognizes his CCTV brand via advertisement, his CCTV gear will capture a lion share in the Malaysian CCTV market.

Last week, he called and tried to sell me his entire CCTV stock as he is no longer keen in the business.

The truth is, what is wrong or bad (low quality) can not be made right (good quality) by advertisement.

It is like publishing a lie and expecting people to believe.

Check out these "believable" advertisements.

Did I buy from him?

Bought a lie....me?

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