Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cloud Computing CCTV

In my 2008 posting, cloud 9, I did talk about cloud computing and its effects on CCTV.

Last evening, I went home earlier than usual and managed to catch a Taiwanese news talk show. The TV program featured the importance of Cloud Computing and it says the Taiwanese and the Chinese governments and corporates are working together ferociously to come out with their own Cloud Computing technology. With this collaboration, the two governments determine to break the monopolistic of the 5 major US Cloud Computing players namely Google, Apple, Microsoft, Cisco & Amazon.

This morning before I came to work, Martin Soong on CNBC was interviewing two corporate leaders about Cloud Computing again!

Wonder if this is a mere coincidence or Cloud Computing has finally arrived in a big way.

For the sake of argument, what if Google starts offering Cloud CCTV solution with video footage storage at their cloud server at a minuscule monthly fee?

Is our CCTV industry ready for this inevitable revolution?

Are you ready?

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