Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Clash of the Titans

Today yet another CCTV prospect wanted to know which is a better surveillance solution; the conventional Analog CCTV or the IP camera solution.

Again I have to explained to him that the question itself is wrong. There is no better solution. If one of those solution was better than the other, for sure there is only one solution left in the market. The right question to ask is, which solution is suitable and be able to meet his surveillance requirements.

The two solutions are like the two "Clash of the Titans" movies, both has its pros and cons. The 1981 film is a classic and able to fulfill many fans' entertainment needs but am sure the upcoming 2010 remake will make full use of the new technology to satisfy the ever demanding moviegoers.

Personally I adore the original stop-motion animated classic but I too am looking forward to the new 3D remake.

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