Tuesday, October 20, 2009

CCTV in the Classrooms

Fox News, 19th Oct. 2009.

London -- CCTV cameras are everywhere in the UK, inside stores, on the streets, outside businesses. They are earning the country the label of "Big Brother Britain."

Now surveillance cameras have gone to school, literally. Not just at front gates, in cafeterias and corridors, but right in the classroom, sometimes a few at a time!

Nearly 100 schools in the UK have signed up to in-class CCTV efforts using high definition cameras and microphone to record both video and audio.

The company behind the systems says they are not about 'Big Brother' but helping teachers to improve their performance.

Schools say it helps them police bullying better and are useful in dealing with robberies, vandalism and misbehavior.

There are mixed reactions from parents and kids. Still, reports are, that enough people here like the cameras to have them installed in hundreds more schools.

Civil liberties champions, however, say all this goes too far. Teachers are concerned as well. They think the closed circuit or CCTV material could be used against them.

To all Malaysian parents, do you like the idea? What do you have to say?

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