Sunday, October 4, 2009

No CCTV Sunday #15 The Founding of A Republic

The Founding of a Republic, an epic film marking the 60th anniversary of China's Communist revolution and starring almost 200 of its best-known stars.

The star-studded epic charts the ascendancy of Chairman Mao was made by the state-owned China Film Group and is intended as a focal point for anniversary celebrations which will culminate on Oct 1.

With hundreds of stars from China and Hong Kong, including the kung-fu hero Jackie Chan and Jet Li, telling the story of the Communist rise to power in 1949, the film is being tipped as one of the biggest box office hits in the country for years.

Centred on the exploits of Chairman Mao and his rag-tag band of revolutionaries, the film chronicles the heroic but arduous birth of Communist China through the defeat of the Nationalist forces of Chiang Kai–shek in a series of bloody battles between 1945-49.

The £6 million budget for The Founding of a Republic, or Jianguo Daye in Chinese, was kept in check by the fact that many of the film's celebrity cast donated their time for free, dropping onto the set for a few hours at a time to record cameo roles.

Despite the deep collective scars left by the catastrophes of the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution of 1966-76, Mao retains a strong measure of popular affection in China, even if the Communist Party is often treated with cynicism by younger people.

I dunno if it is the biggest Chinese's propaganda movie ever produced as I haven't watched the movie but am sure this star-studded movie will definately help us remember one of the most contentious and pivotal moments of modern Chinese history.

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