Sunday, October 18, 2009

No CCTV Sunday #16 This Is It

2 weeks ahead of "This Is It" concert movie's opening show, the late Michael Jackson's concert movie has generated more then 1,6000 sold out in US cinemas.

It is set to make the movie one of the hottest tickets of the year despite the song, "This Is It" copyright controversy.

Former teen idol Paul Anka claimed that he had co-written the posthumously released song with Jackson in 1983, and demanded to be credited.

According to Anka the song was co-written by him and Michael over 20 years ago. The song was initially meant to appear on Jackson’s 1983 album Walk A Fine Line, but it was dropped from the album. It was eventually recorded by R&B artist Safire in 1991, under a new title, “I Never Heard.”

Jackson fans noticed the similarities between the 2 songs and brought it to the attention of Chairman of Columbia/Epic Records Rob Stringer. Eventually, after legal action was threatened, administrators of Jackson’s estate agreed to award Anka 50% of the publishing rights.

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