Saturday, August 15, 2009


Last year a customer came to us. I can still remember he was at our outlet late in the evening, asked us to show him the cheapest CCTV solution available. He said his shop did not really need CCTV as he and his brother are at the shop all the time, it was the a clause in the shop insurance policy which required him to deploy CCTV at his watch shop.

He did not get anything from us that evening.

This morning he was waiting at our CCTV outlet before we opened. He said he would like to deploy the clearest CCTV cameras at his shop. He bought 4 nos of network IP cameras from us.

We dunno what is the reason for this drastic change of opinion toward CCTV deployment. But his extreme behavior reminds me of 2 Japanese movies;

The Sinking of Japan

World Sinks Except Japan

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