Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"sophisticated" CCTV Design

Some CCTV installers deliberately design their CCTV solution as complicated as they possible can. They will sell their complicated CCTV design as high tech and sophisticated solution.

They make the CCTV system complicated, so much so that it is hard to operate, expensive to maintain and close to impossible for others to troubleshoot.

The ultimate aim is not to provide the user a sophisticated CCTV solution but to maximize their profit from both the initial acquisition and the subsequent monopolistic expensive maintenance.

I would like to share this photo with you. Am no male chauvinist but this funny photo is an apt illustration of what we had discuss thus far.

Those unscrupulous CCTV installers are like woman in this photo.

A simple CCTV system design not only is more economical as it uses less gear, uses less energy, friendlier to the environment, more stable, less down time, easier to operate and to troubleshoot.

Yet again, I would like to stress that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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