Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Multi Tasking

For the pass few weeks, a number of PC based DVRs were brought to us for service and reconfiguration.

Most of the problem was caused by the users making use of the PC to perform multiple tasks. They used the same PC to host the PCI DVR card, to surf Internet, to host their accounting software, to play on-line game, to download movie, you name it.

To me a PC based DVR is like a car, to host a DVR card with PC is like getting around in your car. Of cause you can use your car for incoming bullets as well (exposed your PC to viruses while you serve Internet) but don't expect your car to run as smoothly after using it as a shield, that is if it could run at all.

During this tough economy period, careful with one's money is wise but don't fall in the penny wise pound foolish trap. Imagine you managed to save RM2,000 by multitasking your PC but you could have lost RM5,000 worth of goods when the PC DVR is down.

If you are serious about your CCTV surveillance system, a dedicated PC to host the PCI DVR card is a must.

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