Monday, August 31, 2009

Simple Solution

This is not the first time I touch on this topic but I would like to talk about this topic yet again.

We constantly try our very best to give our customers the simplest possible CCTV solution but some prospects feel that our proposals are way too simple to their liking. To them our proposed solutions are not sophisticated enough.

There was one prospect even asked if we were looking down on him as among all quotations he received, our proposed solution was the simplest. He is now one of our many happy IP cameras users.

Like I pointed out in one of my previous postings, some CCTV installers deliberately design their CCTV solution as complicated as they possible can. They will sell their complicated CCTV design as high tech and sophisticated solution. Their ultimate aim is not to provide the user a sophisticated CCTV solution but to maximize their profit from both the initial acquisition and the subsequent monopolistic expensive maintenance.

Pick a solution. Choose wisely.

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