Tuesday, August 4, 2009


This morning I watched Stephen Green, HSBC group chairman interviewed by Bernie Lo on Bloomberg. He said both India and China are the place to be where both countries offer plenty of business opportunities.

Stephen's statement again strengthen my belief that multi racial in our country is in fact a boon never a bane.

It is a matter of perspective, like the other day a lady was at my shop to look for a pinhole camera detector. She said CCTV camera is the root of all evil. I continued, “so is money.”

If our country manage to capitalize on our multi racial composition, we will reap handsome rewards from the Islamic countries, India and China.

I don't believe in the Malaysia melting pot nonsense, to me trying to fuse different cultures and religions is futile. One Malaysia to me is more like a resourceful and powerful Wikipedia, a colourful magnificent mosaics.

Whatever it is, I am proud to be Malaysian.

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