Friday, July 17, 2009

Care for Spoon Feeding Anyone?

Received a call the other day. A lovely voice on the other side of the phone asked me to fax her our CCTV outlet location map so that her boss can pay us a visit.

I explained to her that our location map is available at our website and we could email her the link.

She complained that it is too troublesome for her to go to our website and download the map and since her boss wanted a hard copy it is easier for her to get a fax copy.

We did send her our website link (where the proper location map is) and fax her the following map.

Please note that the red arrow in the photo is indeed pointing at our Plaza Low Yat's CCTV outlet.

Her boss came with both the maps and purchased a few IP cameras from us. He laughingly said he had prohibited his PA (that lady on the phone) from facebooking during office hours.

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