Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tough Choices

PCI DVR used to has more advance functions compare to a standalone DVR but nowadays standalone DVR can perform most of the functions of a PCI DVR.

The latest standalone DVR supports Remote Viewing with handphone's Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, Internet Explorer and even Black Berry.

Standalone Triplex DVR enable its users to remote view, playback through IE browser and 3G mobile phone while recording.

It is not uncommon for standalone DVR to come with Video output, S-video output, VGA output, Audio input, Audio output and Alarm in/out terminal for added flexibility in deployment.

Most standalone DVR has multiple operation control, front panel key buttons, USB mouse and IR remote control.

Standalone DVR user can backup video footage with USB pen drive or DVD±RW. Users can even upgrade the DVR software via USB pen drive by simply download the latest software which is not possible in the past.

Hence it is getting tougher and tougher to choose between a standalone DVR and a PC based PCI DVR.

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