Wednesday, July 29, 2009

VM for CCTV or CCTV for VM?

A CCTV installer just came back from Tokyo, he said what struck him was almost all the streets in Tokyo are lined with vending machines (VM) selling products ranging from cold and hot drinks, flowers, rice and some truly bizarre item like pet insect and used school girl panties!

To his surprise, unlike telephone booths in Malaysia none of those VM are vandalized or non-functional.

He jokingly asked if we could set up VM to sell CCTV cameras in Malaysia.

I told him that it is not possible to sell CCTV camera with VM but VM in Malaysia for sure need CCTV camera.

Here are some of the VM photos from

Cigarette VM

Alcohol VM

Ice Cream VM

Umbrella VM

Battery VM

Rice VM

Egg VM

Prono VM

Rhinoceros Beetle VM

Used School Girl Panties VM

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