Wednesday, July 8, 2009

True Colour

CCTV cameras are at the very edge of any CCTV system. If the image presented by the camera is bad, the video footage will turn out lousy. Sort of what you see is what you get eventually.

No doubt some CCTV camera is high definition or high TV line but the colour is unreal. Red is too red, green is too green, blue is too blue etc.

Sadly most Asian CCTV customers prefer those cameras which show “brilliant” colour... which is unreal.

I know it is a matter of taste and I respect their choice but personally I like CCTV camera which shows true color, no reinforcement what so ever.

It is like listening to music, I like to listen to music flat.

Talking about true colour and music, do you remember the song "true colours" by cyndi Lauper. If you don't here goes;

I simply lost count the number of times I had pressed and repressed the replay button.

Those wonderful yesteryears...

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